Mountain services

Boutique Film has been one of the first companies in the Alps offering digital opportunities to Mountain resorts.
Since 2007 the company counts numerous top European resorts as partners for whom it creates content, installs screens, develops applications and provides a meticulous digital consultancy service.

BF encourages resorts to own their system and manage it themselves, since they have all the facilities and staff in house. However BF is happy to install, advise and even maintain should the resort wish differently.
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Boutique Film wants the resort to communicate effectively with its visitors. We are passionate about Digital.

With this in mind, Boutique Film offers a free consultancy service without obligations
Consultancy services
We study and understand your digital needs and budgets in order to put together a proposal which matches your expectations.
Digital networks
Depending on your communication needs we can install / advise on best installations and prices for a strong informative solution (screens, giant sceens, touch solutions, etc.)
Official applications
Smarthphones are today’s reality. We can suggest various alternative, once again according to your financial constraints.
Resort TV
We can create and develop all content types and advise on the best content management systems. Based on your needs, our team of experts will make sure you have the all the options to make an informed decision.
Real-time information
Our experienced programmers can design and intergrate any real-time information that you need. Inform your audience throughout the day about the risks, waiting, pistes openings, weather conditions etc.

Our Clients