Mountain Advertising

Opportunities in over 200 European resorts including Europe’s top 40

Tailor made solutions

Founded in 2007, Boutique Film started its activity specialising in digital technology and revolutionising communication in the mountains.

Today, our vocation is to use the unique mountain environment and project the emotion of the landscape onto your brand.

In this unique landscape surrounded by millions of affluent individuals, we use cutting edge technology, experiential concepts, spectacular installations to create advertising emotions.

Backlit shapes
Branded area
Top of the world concept
Bespoke digital OOH concept

Backlits in the shape of your product: watches, glasses, goggles, bottles.
Tailor made backlits to bring your brand to live 3 dimensionally in a totally new way.

- Complete branding of a wall
   from 3 to 10m

- Very strategic locations with
   close to 1 million visitors
  on average

- Possible integration of backlits

- Possibility of watch exhibition

- Screen wall display options

- Each project requires approval
   from the resort

- Highest peaks in Europe

- All above 3’000m

- Spectacular locations

- Outstanding tailor-made

- Shivering impact

- Take your brand to the top
   of the world

- Options in France, Switzerland,
   Italy, Poland,Czech Republic,
   Austria, and more

- Tailor made installations

- Reinforce your static campaign
   with your own dedicated

- All size and formats available

- Interactwith your target group

- Bring life to your product

- Movement attracts the
   attention 60%more than static

- Après-ski events

- Ski-school

- Snow-park

- Ticket Office / naming

- Time your speed

- Film your race / jump

- Fun pistes

- Central to the domain

- Powerful exposure

- Branded modules / flags /
   fences / podium

- Giant screen to broadcast
   the race

- Cameras to film the race,
   broadcast to smartphone
   publish on social networks

- Check-in at the Emirates
   Ticket office

- Naming of the lift option

- Boarding on the Emirates lift

- And take off...

Engagement: Make your target group aware and involved in renewable energy

Association: Show your brand is committed to building a greener future

Location: the mountain is the most eloquent platform to associate your brand with the environment concerns

Customised: Tailor made concepts using Kinetic and / or Solar energy

Sponsorship opportunities
Experiential concepts
The flight experience
Renewable energy concept

Classic solutions

Boutique Film revolutionises advertising in the Alps.
Unique Tailor made scenarios will propel your brand at the top of the world.

360 communication in the mountains thanks to new advertising concepts and technology.

Digital networks
Gondola wrap
Lift posters
Backlit LEDs

Screens at the most strategic locations in every single top resort in Europe guarantees to bring your brand to life.

Full or partial coverage of gondolas. Your brand dancing in the sky offering a unique experience of your brand throughout the resort.

The ideal way to get your brand know and seen across a domain. Every Pylon can tell a story about your brand. The environment is cluttered free and the skiers are fully available. Lift posters are installed on the most strategic chair-lifts of the resorts.

Backlit LED’s allow to give a more sophisticated and warm touch to your brand recreating the airport atmosphere and quality in a ski resort.

Mega-billboards cover in the most impactful way a strategic location in the resort. Boutique Film has at heart to constantly discover new façades that will offer your brand the domination of an entire area.


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